Face-cracking smiles!

Some White House guests went snorkelling today and have just walked in with smiles from ear to ear! Their comments were along the lines of “awesome”, “spectactular” and “best day ever” so I suppose they enjoyed it …
Last week I went out for the first time on Synergy and would be happy to use the same words to describe that experience. The mooring site was wonderful, with some of the best coral I’ve seen for a while and, of course, the usual array of colourful fish. The funniest sight was a small fish (about 15cm) using his fins to brace himself between 2 walls of coral! I think he was trying to stay very still so that I wouldn’t spot him, but it only made me watch him for ages to convince myself that I wasn’t imagining things.
The lunch on Synergy was great, freshly barbecued prawns, fish and chicken, along with delicious salads and breads (even gluten free or dairy free or whatever was necessary for special diets.) There weren’t many people on board, because Synergy takes a maximum of 12 passengers, so it was almost like a family outing by the time we sailed back into the marina.